My first University Quiz

Today, I realize that tomorrow will most likely be my first University quiz in micro-economics, and for the first time since high school I’m a little anxious about school. For most my diploma at NSCC, I didn’t feel like I had to put a mandatory urgency for school work as if I failed the course it was just a cost of $$ and time but I’d always have the opportunity to take it again. I understand how that looks, and heard it from my instructors that in real life it doesn’t work that way.. They were preaching to the choir as whole premise behind my prioritization was; I was in my career and that was my priority in life which when I look back and see where I am today. I think was the right decision.

It took me 4 years to complete my NSCC diploma, and I probably got way more out of it than most of my peers, because I had 4 years of it and I was in the position to understand why I was learning what I was and where I could apply that real life to be successful. This un-orthodox method of through part of me post secondary education worked for me and even though It cost me more than the typical NSCC diploma, It’s already paying off. What I learned about myself from all the failures and successes throughout that time in my life, prepared me for real life today. It prepared me for the time management and prioritizing skills needed to balance a stressful demanding career, personal life as well as continuing my education to obtain my BBA.

Life is one hell of a journey, and success to me isn’t defined by the opportunities available at the end, but by the experiences gained in both successes and failures throughout that journey that help you grow as a human being. I’ve had my fair number of challenges, failures, mistakes and stressful times in life, and the person that all those have shaped me to be today is my story of success. I wake up everyday ready and excited to be challenged, prepared to work as hard as I have to be successful.

The newest challenge I face is that failure at MSVU isn’t an option. In order to graduate I need to have a minimum GPA. That means that failures count and matter whereas before they were just an expense and a lesson. When I started writing this I was much more anxious than I am now after I reflected on the past 5 years of my life. Sometimes in life you just need to sit down, relax and do something that is therapeutic for yourself. For me it’s reflecting on my journey through life and my failures and challenges. Reminding myself of my failures, and challenges and how I overcame them and was triumphant. This has become my obsession, to challenge myself beyond my comfort zone where failure scares the hell out of me but success is the only option. This is what drives me to get up everyday and work my ass off because it’s worth it. Night with no sleep, and long days of hard work. I’ve come a long way from the kid in the picture above being distracted with blank paper in front of me. The stress of leaving stuff to the very last minute that I constantly put myself through over my life has allowed me to stay calm, focus when I need to in even the most down to the wire stressful situations. Even if I fail, life will go on, I’ll get up the following day prepared to challenge myself and risk failure… Failure has become my distant pen pall, it’s nice to touch base every once and a while and catch up, but he’s a part of my childhood and I’ve moved on. He’s helped shape me into the successful person I am today and will be tomorrow and implanted my passion for success, after all she’s much cuter ;)

My Server Setup

I’m known to go through a lot of changes and always rebuild servers and try new methods of deployment. I’m always trying something new on one of my RaspberryPi’s or BeagleBone Black’s and constantly create more work for myself lol… I’m always looking to make something better!

Well this morning I was doing some quick looking and discovered that my Amazon AWS server that runs my website has been up since Nov 26, 2013!  That has to be a record for me as so length of time without changing something..  I actually discovered it because I’m looking at moving from Amazon AWS to DigitalOcean.  I thought I’d give a quick overview of how I have my servers that host my WordPress, ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter instances.


Server:  I currently have a t2.small server running at Amazon AWS, It’s running built ubuntu-precise-12.04-amd64-server-20131003

Control Panel :  I use ServerPilot as a control panel to manage the deployment of applications on the AWS Server.  I cannot speak highly enough of this service and recommend it to anyone that does any web development.

DNS Managment:  I use CloudFlare to manage the DNS of all my Domains. Simple to use and full of fantastic features.


Happy Canada Day


Happy Canada Day!

Kathryn and I spent most of our weekend traveling through Maine & Southern New Brunswick. We left Friday and drove straight to Bangor to indulge is some Olive Garden and a little bit of shopping.  We proceeded to head to Oak Bay Campground where we stayed until Tuesday morning. Spent time with Christie & Derek and did a little more shopping and soaked up the AMAZING weather we had!  Left Tuesday morning to make it to the lake in time(even with a bum tire) for the July 1st parade around the lake.

Great long weekend!  Happier than ever to be Canadian!

Amazon and their Success

The Everything Store Jeff Bezos Amazon

Today, is a colleagues baby shower and of course I forgot to adequately plan ahead to get a gift! I had an idea to get get a Amazon Gift card a few weeks back but put it off until the day of!  The thought of just giving a printed off card vs an actual gift card has a kind of gift “degradation” to it, but I’m outta time so I’m left with  no choice.

What I need to ask myself, is why did I think Amazons Gift Card buying process would be anything but amazing?? This company time and time again slaps me in the face with their ability to be different in ways that seem to simple buy inspire me to do things like this, dedicate a blog post to them!

I have another instance where someone I know was looking to buy a mid range karaoke machine and she was calling all around Halifax looking but no where had them, they either carried the $50 cheap one or add the Double-0’s $5,000 Pro one. Amazon we went and when she found one, she had questions about it. She said hmmm I wonder who I can call about this and I instantly laughed at the thought of calling Amazon but then thought WAIT! This company does everything different, maybe you should give it a shot! To not bore you with the details their system for “Contact Us” is A+ and highly recommended!

I could go on and on about this topic, I’ve used Audible for a long time, Kathryn loves using her Kindle, the instances where Amazon is always there for me is endless. I would like to see them have more of a local presence, like maybe offer a local category where you can shop for things produced in your local area; and I would not be surprised if that idea hasn’t been rolled across their idea table before. I purchased The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon with one of my Audible credits and need to find the time to listen.

BBQ – Vision Grill Gallery

BBQ Vision Grill

Blogging is a way of life

I began blogging way back in 2003(Holy Shit 11 years ago!) when I was 14. The internet was young and I was eager to learn. I designed my own blogging platform using PHP & MySQL in hopes to compete with WordPress..  14 years old with huge dreams!

Something that blogging gave me was a opportunity to express myself and a routine to follow. Over the past 5 years I’ve thought a lot about getting back into writing about and sharing my life to the world but living a hectic life with ADD, 5 years feels like last week.

So here I am, back at it and ignited my old domain with something here. I’ll mostly share my Arduino projects and BBQ and once and a while a rant filled with words that should be censored and opinions that may not be my own.  Until then,


Scotty Edmonds